Long Meadow is a trail in the mountains of my hometown that provides a view of the ocean from atop a glorious meadow. It has always been my place of solitude, gratitude, peace and ease. I imagine it like a person at the onset of labor, anticipating the arrival of their new baby. They can imagine their baby, but have a long path to travel to meet them. The same way there is the view of the ocean far in the distance but still visible, and the long winding path leading the way. 

I am a licensed home birth midwife serving families in natural pregnancy, birth and postpartum in Santa Cruz county and surrounding areas. I am also available to serve as a labor doula, postpartum doula, as well as perform placenta encapsulation.

I believe birth is a normal, physiological process that can unfold naturally if we allow it to. This requires trust in birth, trust in yourself, and trust with your care providers.

Midwifery Care

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"The act of opening yourself up

so that another being can pass down the channel and out of you

takes a woman all the way down to the very deep of living."

-Judy Grahn

Postpartum Care

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Placenta Encapsulation

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