Rachel Slade

Massage Therapist


I wanted a way to further nurture families during the immense transition into parenthood…

I love being a midwife. It has been a true calling since I was a young girl. However, the realities of it are different than the dream…as we learn about much of life. I found myself stressed beyond belief with little resources to help me return to my true passion. Where is the tipping point? When do we decide our passion overrides our stressors? What is most important in life? Or in this moment?

I felt stuck with where I was at with midwifery, so I decided to shift. I knew I wanted to work with new families, mothers, babies, and parents. I knew I loved nurturing, caring, and supporting people during their most vulnerable time. Massage came to be as a tool I could use that could address a wide array of care providing. As I traveled through school, I found joy and excitement in the prospect of expanding my modalities to include Swedish massage, Craniosacral therapy, and Polarity energetic therapy. I see this transition as a jumping off point for the care provider I am growing into. A midwife, a body worker, a healer.

I love working with new parents immediately postpartum to help nurture the new person they are stepping into. I am currently offering massage on Fridays at my office at the Westside Healing Arts Center in Santa Cruz, as well as in-home massage. Home visits, especially postpartum, allows clients to fully relax in the comfort of their own home, and be able to stay put once their body is put at ease.

Massage Prices

In-Office Massages (in-home massage offered within Santa Cruz area for +$20)

  • 1 hour - $85

  • 1.5 hour - $115

  • 1.5 hour prenatal - $125

New Client Special - first massage $10 off

Referral Special - refer 3 clients, receive $20 off

Value Packages

  • Three 1-hour massages - $240 (discounted from $255)

  • Three 1.5-hour massages - $330 (discounted from $345)

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum care package:

    Two prenatal massages (1.5 hour each) & one postpartum massage each for birthing person and their partner (1 hour each) - $405 (discounted from $420)