Prenatal Care

Prenatal care begins with your initial prenatal appointment at the onset of your care. This visit lasts 1.5 hours and includes a comprehensive health history, and blood draw for initial labs. A standard prenatal appointment lasts 1 hour and includes talking about how your body is feeling, discussion of diet, sleep and exercise, as well as taking your vitals and assessing your baby's well-being through position checks and listening to their heartbeat. 

The prenatal schedule is as follows:

  • Initial visit in office at onset of care, ideally before 12 weeks pregnancy
  • Prenatal visit in office once a month until 28 weeks pregnancy
  • Prenatal visit in office every 2 weeks from 28 weeks - 36 weeks pregnancy
  • Home visit at 36 weeks pregnancy
  • Prenatal visit in office every week from 36 weeks pregnancy until the birth of your baby

Discussions and Procedures to expect in your prenatal care include:

  • Health history form and blood draw at initial visit
  • Discussion about and screening for Gestational Diabetes around 24-28 weeks
  • Blood draw at 28 weeks to assess blood volume expansion
  • Blood draw at 36 weeks to assess blood volume expansion
  • Discussion about and testing for Group Beta Strep at 36 weeks
  • Discussion about newborn procedures including Vitamin K, Newborn Screen and Erythromycin eye ointment at 36 weeks

Labor & Birth

Under midwifery licensure for California, your baby is considered safe to be born at home between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. During this window of your due date your midwives are on-call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you notice changes happening that anticipate labor (we will discuss these!), we will be available and in communication. Once we agree it is time for your midwives to come to your home, we attend your labor until the birth of your baby, and typically stay for 2-4 hours postpartum. We assess the health and wellness of both you and your baby and perform any elected procedures for the baby. 

What to expect immediately after the birth of your baby:

  • Undisturbed skin to skin time
  • Assistance with breastfeeding, if needed
  • Vitamin K and Erythromycin administration for your baby, if elected
  • Newborn exam
  • Suturing for you, if needed
  • Complete mother and baby well-being assessment before departure

Postpartum Care

After the birth of your baby we are still on-call for you 24/7 for the following 2 weeks. We will be regularly checking in on you to assess the health, healing and well-being of both you and your baby, including breastfeeding. The transition into parenthood is tremendous and we are happy to help answer questions, and assist your family in finding peace and ease during this exciting time.

The postpartum care schedule is as follows:

  • 24-48 hour after birth visit in your home
  • 3-5 day postpartum visit in your home
  • 1 week postpartum visit in your home
  • 2 week postpartum visit either in your home, or in the office
  • 4 week postpartum visit in the office
  • 6 week postpartum visit in the office

Procedures to expect in the postpartum:

  • Vitamin K administration within 6 hours after birth, if elected
  • Newborn screen in your home at 24-48 visit
  • Weighing your baby at each postpartum visit
  • Assessment of healing of your perineum
  • Assessment of pelvic floor health and tone at your 6 week postpartum visit
  • Pap smear at 6 week postpartum visit, if needed

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